Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Write Attention-Grabbing Introductions (Notes to copy)

Introductions establish the direction your writing takes. A good introduction grabs your readers’ attention. What is a good way to begin writing? Here are some suggestions.

Open with a question:
Have you ever wondered how you’d survive if you found yourself alone in the wilderness?

Open with an announcement:
This is not a cookbook for the gourmet. These recipes are strictly for the cook on a tight budget.

Open with a bold and a challenging statement:
Contrary to what some people think, most of our learning takes place outside of school.

Open with a quotation:
"You’re going to regret this." That’s what my best friend Liza said as I got on the roller coaster.

Open with a riddle that the reader can grapple with:
What textbook has no pages, is miles wide, smells like creek and has been around for millions of years? That’s right--outdoor school!

Open with a personal experience:
I’m still glad that I didn’t cry at the funeral, though I did in my room later.

Open with how you felt:
My hands were sweaty! My teeth wouldn’t quit chattering. Prickly fingers ran up my spine. What would happen next.


Anonymous said...

this helped

kristi said...

thank you!!

Anonymous said...

this is great. very helpful

Anonymous said...

Not bad but my essay is a descriptive essay and my teacher said we can't begin with a question because everyone is going to anyway.

Anonymous said...

Good to use for a story